[img src=]14030
Jack Conyers victory at 100-kilo race, 1946
[img src=]4360
Jack Conyers leading
[img src=]4070
Bullock cycles display, 1912 Courtesy of State Library of S.A PRG 280/1/3/143
[img src=]3170
Jack Conyers on the start line
[img src=]3360
Port Pirie Scratch road race, 1949 Deane Toseland, Des. Reid, Tony Perry
[img src=]2560
Elliott Bros. Gawler Place store, 1927 Courtesy of State Library of S.A B3948
[img src=]2630
Keith Thurgood victory
[img src=]2410
"Polly" the Pontiac Super Elliott cycles team car
[img src=]2930
S.A Amateurs team L-R 2nd Phil Thomas, 7th Jack Conyers, 8th Deane Whitehorn
[img src=]2180
Bicycle racing at Adelaide Oval, 1914<br />
[img src=]3320
A group of riders on the track at Wayville Showgrounds, 1941<br />B 7798_174
[img src=]1680
A bicycle race in progress on Montefiore Hill, Adelaide, 1948<br />B 7798 178
[img src=]1560
Cyclists of Payneham Cycle and Athletic Club at the beginning of a race. <br />Male supporters photographed with cyclists from the Payneham Cycle and Athletic Club waiting in Wellington Road for the start of a road race, 1917 <br />PRG 280 1 15 662
[img src=]1480
Finish of a bicycle race <br />A crowd of spectators watching the winner arrive at the finishing line of the Dunlop bicycle race between Burra and Adelaide in South Australia, c1922 <br />PRG 280 1 32 154
[img src=]1900
A group of cyclists on a rough track, watched by a large crowd, 1949 <br />B 7798 180
[img src=]1920
Photograph of six cyclists and their coaches at the start of the Cycling Championships, on 27th July 1963, Mount Gambier, 1963 <br />BRG 347 2296
[img src=]1460
Photograph of one of the young cyclists being congratulated during the championships on 27th July 1963, Mount Gambier. <br />BRG 347 2290

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