Aussie cycles

Aussie cycles were built by JT Macdonald, Western Australia, Perth
The Aussie cycles agency opened in September 22nd in 1922 at 526 Hay Street, Perth and with considerable early success they expanded to larger premises at 269 William St, Perth.
The “Aussie” was gaining popularity among racers and in 1927 was ridden on record for the 50 and 25 mile road races.
Its finest victory was in 1929 by “Horrie Marshall” who won the Warrnambool-Melbourne classic from a field of champions, including Hubert Opperman.
This splendid achievement stands as the only one ever accomplished on a West Australian-made machine, and in the same year-again on an “Aussie,” Marshall created a recorded the fastest time in the Beverley to Perth road race.
Cycles built were mainly utility and racing machines manufactured entirely of British materials by Australian workmen in Australia.
Racing style Aussie cycles carried an Australian badge at the front of the cycle with JT Macdonald embossed and later models of Utility models carried a print.
JT Macdonald made his bikes to the order of the customer and were supplied at prices ranging from £7/10 and its manufacturing headquarters was also its showroom, bikes including a top-tubed hump were built in the 1950’s to cater for those looking for something different.


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